Compco team praised for smooth ERP installation

Compco and PLEX group

An open letter from the Director of Information and Technology Robert M. Ogden.

Congrats Compco Team!

Wednesday July 15, 2020, was a big milestone for the Compco facility.  We celebrated the successful transition from Visual Manufacturing to Plex. 

As part of the celebration a representative from Plex was here to congratulate us.  They met with the Compco core team, had a shop tour, took some pictures and treated the core team to lunch. 

Plex, The Manufacturing Cloud, is the software that runs Compco from the shop floor, to the office to the customer’s door.  The process to choose the new software, get it configured and to do the installation took about 18 months. 

Everyone did a lot of work to get the system setup and to get our who team trained on how to use it. 

I want to send out a special thanks to all of our team members in the shop.  I see how hard you work every day and I know this was a large burden on you. 

The IT team and the core users participated in populating the information, setup equipment and educated the users in each department. 


We did such a good job that we receive a special letter from the Project Manager at Plex.  The letter stated that his team has never been on an installation that went as smooth as ours. 

This is a direct reflection of the team’s knowledge and the commitment from everyone to take Compco to the next level. 

The team placed 40 new computers throughout the shop, enhanced the wireless, added machine integration to the press equipment, 40 label printers and bar code scanners.  With this new system the sky is the limit on what we can do. 

Our next implementation project is Firestone Laser.  We are currently in the discovery phase.  All of the corporate department leaders are involved in defining the processes and their teams are populating the database. 

We are projected to be done with the Firestone project on December 1, 2020, and then we will be finishing up the corporate installation at Compco Quaker, where the system will be re-implemented.

Nice job Compco Team for your commitment, hard work and all that you do.

Robert M. Ogden
Corporate Director of Information and Technology