Leaders Provide Hope

As the story goes, “the wise man built his house upon the rock.” Here at Compco in these times of trial and uncertainty we are thankful for our rock-hard foundation, our values. 

This is the foundation we can always go back to in our decisions and have firm place from which to launch.

We are not only optimistic about the future but hopeful, explains Greg Smith, Chairman of the Board.

“I think the first thing I’d like to establish is the difference between optimism and hope. Optimism is when you have a positive view of the future; where hope is when you work together with other people to make it a better situation,” he said.

“I think they’re different. Leaders provide hope because they give you a pathway to work as a single unit, to get there.”

Leaders provide hope because they give you a pathway to work as a single unit, to get there.”

Greg Smith, Chairman of the Board

Our steering team has been working to gather the right information to prepare the best pathways as we move forward.

It is often said that plans are more important that information, that is not true. Plans change and constantly need readjusted. What is most important is what information you gather, how accurate it is and how timely it is. Without making information a priority, plans are a waste.

“I think we have to be very prudent in our leadership here at Compco to provide a path that is fluid. We have to put the proper metrics in place to look, and make adjustments sooner than later,” Greg said.

In these unprecedented times our adaptability keeps us ready to make the next right move. As stated, we must make sure we have good sources of information to make decisions.

Those sources and a focus on continuous improvement will keep us hopeful.

“The truth about human beings is entropy. Entropy is a constant pull to lessen things. If you do not change, if you do not develop, if you just try to keep everything the same, you’re actually declining.

“If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”

“If you’re not growing you’re dying.”

Greg Smith, Chairman of the Board

As we ready ourselves to take on this new economy, we should be ready for the worst things that could happen and the best, while keeping our values as guide posts.