Compco hosts Ohio Sec. of State Frank LaRose

Frank LaRose and Rick Kamperman

On October 12, 2023, the Ohio Secretary of State visited Compco, Columbiana, Ohio. LaRose is currently running for the U.S. Senate. LaRose grew up working on a family-owned farm and stocking warehouses. He joined the Boy Scouts and developed a love for serving others after being inspired by his Scout leader, a WWII veteran and concentration camp liberator. That’s why, after graduating from Copley High School, Frank enlisted in the United States Army.

He served on the frontlines of combat and in other critical posts around the world, earning numerous commendations and medals including four Army Achievement Medals and two Army Commendation Medals during his years of active service. For his exemplary service in Iraq, he earned the Bronze Star. After seeing the cost of freedom abroad, Frank returned to Ohio to protect our liberties here at home.

He shared that he is running for the U.S. Senate because “we have a country to save,” he told the Compco Team.

LaRose went on to discuss the economy, education and described the fentanyl epidemic as a full-scale natural disaster.

“It is like a 747 crashing every single day,” he said. He described the needed solution to this challenge as something he had delt with in foreign countries and he knows how to battle in the U.S.

He is on a mission to leave the country better than he found it.

While at Compco he exchanged Challenge Coins with Rick Kamperman, manager of product and process development and a Veteran Marine. He toured the shop and shared stories with the Compco team.