New Product: Handholes

Compco 4"x 6" Handhole

Compco is excited to now offer 4″ x 6″ elliptical handholes. A handhole is useful for inspection and cleaning out the tank. It is a small hole for the insertion of the hand or tool for cleaning. Our customers have been asking to be able to purchase handholes from us and ship them with their current tank heads. This spring we finalized all of the needed paperwork, including the Canadian registration.

It is a cover and yoke system, that is compatible with existing rings for retrofit jobs. Parts are also available for partial retrofit projects: yokes, covers, rings, nuts, bolts and gaskets.

Handhole Components
Handhole Components

Contact your account manager today and we can send your order of handholes with your regularly-scheduled tank head shipment. It is easy and convenient and saves you money by eliminating unnecessary freight charges.