First Responders and Military Vets Honored with Compco Challenge Coins

During our July All-Hands meetings, we honored new team members who have served in the military or as first responders with Compco Challenge Coins.

The Compco Challenge Coins are given to members of the team that have written their name on the “blank check,” said Rick Kamperman, who is the grandson of Compco’s founder and a Compco team member.

The Smith family has a long history of helping to build communities and honoring members of the team who have served in this way.

As a result of COVID-19 and social distancing requirements we haven’t been meeting in person as a whole team. It had been more than 18 months since our last Challenge Coin ceremony.

Team members who received Compco Challenge Coins include:

  • Bill Bowers, Army
  • Gary Buckner, Army
  • Sam Coil, Army and Firefighter
  • Derek Lauer, Marines
  • Tom Lloyd, Airforce
  • Scot Loveland, Army
  • Will Ricchino, Navy
  • Brian Sutton, Marines
  • Robert Wylie, Army
L to R: Derek Lauer, Marines; Will Ricchino, Navy; and Scot Loveland, Army.
Brian Sutton, Marines, received the Compco Challenge Coin from members of the Smith family, Rick Kamperman and Tom Varley.
Bill Bowers, Army and Sam Coil, Arm/Firefighter received Compco Challenge Coins from Smith family members Rick Kamperman and Kim and Tom Varley.
Gary Buckner, Army, (right) shakes hands with Mike Vacha, also an Army Veteran after Rick Kamperman presented the Compco Challenge Coin.