Catapulting into the Future

There have been changes in our work and personal lives as we are enduring the pandemic. We hear phrases like, the new normal. What are we doing right now to thrive through change?

“The actions we take now directly impact the future abilities and capabilities,” said Greg Smith, Chairman of the Board.

We have to produce a quality product and deliver it on time, at a reasonable price. That is the secret to a manufacturing business. The better you do that the better you are, he said.

“When you have an inconsistent work force, or people who don’t understand that short term satisfaction never wins over long-term commitment.  If we aren’t building and growing as a team, that is going to cause a problem and issues down the road.”

We’ve been blessed with a consistent workforce at Compco, Columbiana, for many years and the pandemic hasn’t altered that. We are striving to build that same consistency at all of our locations.

No stranger to change

Our leadership team is no stranger to change. Greg reflects on change and shares, “I think we learned during the 2007-08 market crash how important communication is, how important it is to get people to understand, with clarity, what has to be done and their roll in it. And, communicating when people need help. No one is an island.”

“When you have a culture where shame isn’t a weapon, where collaboration and communication are, you have a magnificent chance of success.”

Communication in the forefront

Look what we did when this pandemic came out, he said. We started communicating, Rick went to every facility during each shift to discuss new cleaning protocols and social distancing. We made the TeamCompco website, we started shooting update videos…and people felt in the loop. They knew what is going on. We squashed rumors and made sure communication was in the forefront.

“We talked to the health department, and immersed ourselves in the condition and then rose above it,” Greg said.

As we move forward and continue to change, we have corporate targets and goals. In change you have a vision of what your better self or better team looks like in each situation.

“We are wired for change. We are wired to evolve. It is in our DNA. Humans are dominate species because we collaborate,” he said.

Envision the change

Greg remembers the energy he witnessed when Kaizen events were occurring in the shop.

“When we put our heads together for change, the engagement was off the charts,” he said. “Because people could envision the change, they were eager to be a part of. It propelled them to get it done and make the vision happen.”

They saw it, they imagined it in their minds and went to work. That’s how you make rapid change.

When we have clear goals, good information, see ourselves in the future and we are working together as a group. That is what will catapult us into the future.

“We make parts that make this changing world better, faster and safer. And, that is something we are proud of.”